I always liked to dabble in jiu jitsu.  It has often been a welcome break from my striking training, and a large number of my friends back home are grapplers, so it was a great way to spend time with them and have a little fun in between fights.  (pajamas and cuddles!  I mean, c’mon!) […]

In the middle of my career I suffered a staggering 6 losses in a row (out of the 10 losses of my professional Muay Thai career).  Initially I welcomed to opportunity to fight against World Champions, but eventually, the losses became more and more unbearable.  At the end of this run, I was offered to […]

It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks over here in Berlin and life has presented me with a few awesome surprises. My Berlin Bestie has been doing personal training at an MMA gym.  This has been going on for quite some time but I never really registered as to which MMA gym he was at. […]

For anyone who knows me at all, it will come as no surprise to hear that I’m completely obsessed with CrossFit at the moment. A surprising number of people often ask me why I prefer CrossFit as my conditioning for fighting and I could think of nothing more appropriate and equally as challenging. As I […]

I have always shied away from writing detailed encounters of a the negative variety.  That is until now. Unfortunately I have reached a crossroads in my life.  It’s now getting to a point where I feel like speaking out is the only way I get to stand up for myself and the things that I have […]

On Saturday March 11, 2017, after a roller coaster journey, I made my Pro MMA debut ending with a victory at the end of the second round. To give you all a little background… MMA is not something that I just decided to do.  I wanted to fight MMA before I had even begun my […]

Recently, I’ve been asked by a number of people, about my process on making the decision to change gyms, or cities, or how I go about making big life calls in general.  It may seem like a lie when I say I am a really private person, but in reality, I am.  I try to […]

It’s been an insanely promising start to the year over here in Berlin and this week, things got even better! I am so excited to announce Black Sheep Athletics as one of my new sponsors for 2017! When I moved to Berlin I was pleasantly surprised  by the popularity of Crossfit within the city.  Countless boxes appear […]

There are a lot of opinions and discussions out there about what it takes to be a champion.  This applies to mostly everything.  When people reference athletes though, the most common topics to come up are things like how hard someone trains, the way they train, how they treat their body, what they do for […]

It’s no secret that this year has been more challenging than the first two I had spent abroad.  But when everything happens in so many small, unconnected incidences, it’s quite confronting when someone forces you to look back at the challenges you’ve faced. I always try to be positive and move forward – always looking […]

There should be no surprises when I say that moving back into the Western World was not without a little reverse culture shock.  It has, however, surprised me by the things that have taken some adjusting to and the things I am really enjoying! Drinking tap water should have been the greatest thing in the […]